Saturday, January 12, 2008

What Can a Raw Food Diet Do for You?

Some of you are already very familiar with a raw food diet and some of you may be totally new to it. Here I will explain a a little about raw food and how to introduce it into your diet. If you know a lot already, maybe you can find some helpful information to get friends and family started.

Why rawfood?
Of course there are many theoretical answers to this question, that you can find everywhere. But my best answer to this question is always: try it for one week and see what happens. For most people, there is no return afterwards. If you are not used to eating any raw food, try adding some fresh fruits and vegetables to every meal. For instance fruits for breakfast, and an extra salad with greens, tomato's, avocado's, cucumber and fresh herbs for both your lunch and dinner. In the meantime avoid chemicals and preservatives as much as possible, and take less sugar, coffee and alcohol. Just try this raw food diet for a week and feel the difference.

A mistake which is often made, is changing too quickly to a different diet. The body starts to detox very fast with a lot of trouble, that could be avoided. Changing slower is always easier and causes less stress to the body. If you want to go faster because you have a certain health challenge, make sure to have the appropriate medical support.

I know that there are people, who just want to use supplements as quick fixes and don't want to bother with raw food or special diets. To those people I want to say: It's not just what you add to your diet, that makes the difference, but what you eat on a daily basis and (very important) what you don't eat. Just adding artificial supplements (whatever you call them, supplements made up a different vitamins and mineral are artificial) is not comparable to eating a good diet with a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables and avoiding "all the bad stuff".

Yes, you can feel better by adding supplements, but until you try a natural raw food diet with a lot of fresh organic vegetables and fruits, you don't know what you are missing. There is a difference between feeling good and feeling super energetic and happy. Of course feeling super not only depends on your diet. There are many other important factors like exercise, balancing your emotions, good relationships with your friends and family, spiritual practise, and doing what you really love. But a good diet can make a huge difference. And I know what I'm talking about, having much more energy for my four children, my a household, my a business and all the rest, since I eat a raw food diet.

For now I would say, try it! Add more fruits and green vegetables to your diet and feel fantastic! If you are already doing this: great! For the longterm rawfoodists amongst us, make sure to include enough green vegetables.

Have a fantastic day!

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