Wednesday, January 2, 2008

David Wolfe: Raw Food Diet for Success

David Wolfe explains how your personal mission and values will help guide you to success in diet, health, and life.

Being on your mission creates vibrant health. You need the right nutrition to support you on your mission. This way you can never be sick again, work as much as you want, have an infinite amount of energy and inspire always.

What is your mission? That what feels good. Your mission is what you love to do more than anything, even if you don't get paid for it. If you do what feels good, you are guided all the way to paradise. If you do what feels bad, you will be guided to hell. That what it is all about.

Line up your food with your destiny. What you put in your mouth is sacred. It's the basis of your thinking. Attention goes, where energy flows. If you change your food, you will change your thinking and level of consciousness. Your values will change. All you have to know is your destination.

Come out of dogmatism as far as food is concerned. Your food is sacred. Get rid of guild, fear, shame. Laughter heals, loves heals, food filled with light heals, food that is fun to eat heals.

This is what Raw Food Success is all about!

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