Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Health Benefits of Good Quality Structured Water

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Last November Esmé and I went to Israel to interview Gabriel Cousens. This is part of these interviews. More will be available soon.

Drinking good quality water is the key to a healthier and longer life. We are made mainly out of water.
Water is essential for all cellular and bodily functions.
Water helps to keep the blood thin, so that it can flow well.
Water is important for the elimination of toxins.
Water helps the body to metabolize stored fat and therefore to lose excess weight.
Water helps to relieve constipation.
Water suppresses appetite.
And water does many more things in the body.

Listen to Gabriel Cousens on how he creates the best quality drinking water:
"Because of all the pollution in the world, the best water is distilled water. But distilled water by itself is aggressive and immature. I out a formula in the book “Spiritual Nutrition”. You take a gallon of distilled water, add a pinch of salt or 12 drops of active ionic, so that you get 50 parts per million. This way you create H3O, the best water there is. With 50 parts per million, you don’t have the aggressive pulling out of minerals out of the body.
Then you structure this water by putting it out in the moonlight overnight. The moon structures water, not the sun. Then you bless it and you have good quality water. Crystal energy from micro crystals is also very good to structure it.
So first you heat the water and take out all the herbicides and pesticides, and destroy all the homeopathic pattern of the herbicides and pesticides. Then you restructure the water with salt, crystal energy, moonlight and by blessing it."

Personally I think that natural spring water is also a good quality water, if you can find a natural spring in the neighborhood. It's pure and alive, full of energy. Look at the power in a natural spring. This structured water sounds as a fantastic alternative though, if you life in the city or have no natural springs in the area.

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Advin Charles said...

Water is beneficial for health. It is helps the body in neutralising free radicals. It is improve your body cells.