Thursday, January 17, 2008

Raw Food Diet for Diabetes

Program created by Gabriel Cousens, MD, MD(H), & Helen Ross, MD

Over the past 20 years years, a significant number of people have returned to a normal non-diabetic physiology from the diabetic physiology through the anti-diabetic program at the Tree of Life in Arizona.
According to the research of the New York Times, there are 21 million diabetics and 20 million pre-diabetics in America, the same in Europe, and more in India and China. At the current trend, 1 in 3 children born after 2000 will have diabetes, but it was under 1 in 100 at the turn of the century. Yet still many say life-long medication is required, and diabetes is “incurable” by nutrition.
Something is very amiss in our lifestyle of the current culture. Dr Cousens' experiences with the reversing diabetes protocol has clearly shown that this is not the case. We have broken the 4 minute mile of diabetes.

Summary of the clinical experience in Arizona (U.S.A.)

In order to stress test our clinical experience, in February, 2006, the Tree Of Life invited six people who were eating the traditional American fast and junk food diet. Approximately half of them had been insulin-dependent diabetics for an average of five years. It represented a final test of the program.
An independent movie producer was invited to film the month-long program and “before and after” studies were done, regarding the effect of a month of raw food and specific supplements. The results were outstanding.
Although one person whose blood sugar dropped from 500 to 200 in two weeks dropped out of the program, because he was not willing to do the live-food program, the others had exceptional results. Within four days, all participants except one type-1 diabetic were off insulin and oral anti-diabetic medications.
By the end of one month, two people had blood sugars regularly averaging between 70-85. Two had dropped from an average blood sugar of approximately 250-450 to around 120. All their blood tests became essentially normal. In other words by the end of 1 month the type 2 diabetics had achieved a level of health, according to their blood tests and daily blood sugar readings, that was considered comparable with a normal non diabetic physiology (the physiology of a healthy person).
The type-I diabetic went from an insulin intake of 70 units to 5 units. The other type 1 diabetic remains completely healed of diabetes. Succeeding with a group who knew virtually nothing about live foods or the live-food lifestyle, and who had no particular interest in it, was a real test for this program and it shows it's strong effectiveness.

Although no program can guarantee any results for healing diabetes in one month, it is clear that this program offers a reasonable, healthy, optimistic, and realistic way to ameliorate diabetes.

Of course one can only stay in a non diabetic physiology, if he or she continues to follow the healthy program outlined and experienced in the 21 day program. If someone does not stay on this program we cannot expect, he or she will stay with the normal healthy physiology.

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Testimonial about the Raw Food Diet for Diabetes by Nicole.

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