Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What is a live-food diet?

A raw diet consists of food that is not heated above 115 degrees Fahrenheit (46 degrees Celsius). It consists of foods in their natural state or close to their natural state.

What does “live” have to do with this? Live-food is food full of life force. Fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds from your garden are live-foods. So are freshly picked seaweeds, natural spring water and sprouted seeds from seeds, nuts, beans, grains and vegetables. The fresher the food, the more alive and the more energy it has. The more energy it has, the more energy it can give to you.

Pictures taken with Kirlian photography clearly show this life force. This life force is the same as prana or chi in eastern philosophies. Modern science is able to measure this energy nowadays.
If you compare commercially grown food with organic food, the organic food has much more of this life force than the commercial food. Wild plants have even more.

For all our bodily processes we need energy. Without energy life stops. If you have too little energy, you get sick. So … to turn around the negative spiral of sickness, make sure to get more energy by eating a raw live-food diet, full of energy.

The most important source of energy on earth is the sun. Sunlight is transformed by plants into energy we can use. Some people can live on sunlight alone, but this is very exceptional. Plants are the next best source of energy for us. The more energy the plant has, the more energy it can give you. This is the whole concept of a raw live-food diet.

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