Thursday, January 10, 2008

Green Smoothie with Victoria Boutenko

Greens contain all the nutrients we need, except vitamin B12. By mixing greens with fruits in a blender, the greens become very easy to digest and taste great. Victoria describes how she lost all her cravings by adding green smoothies to her raw food diet. Her grey hairs disappeared, red dots on her chest disappeared, moles fell off, her vision became clear, her nails became stronger, she didn't lose hair anymore, her weight feel down without effort, her mood got better, she got so much energy.

Especially for compulsive eaters a raw food diet is very good. They tend to intoxicate themselves by eating too much of the wrong foods. If they keep a raw food diet, this doesn't happen. For normal eaters it's less important to be all raw. They stop eating when they have had enough. They have a natural pattern and don't intoxicate themselves so easily.

Health benefits of a green smoothie:
1 It is extremely palatable
2 It is extremely easy to make
3 It cleans the blood
4 It is without oil or salt
5 A green smoothie protects itself from being oxidize for 3 days

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Stephanie Bronwyn said...

I love to hear her, but I have a problem with her information. Ms Boutenko is herself very much overweight and I am concerned that she appears so out of shape on what she reports to be a superlative diet. How is it that her hair color changes to its natural color and moles fall off, yet she remains so overweight. I wonder if she suffered an extremely devastating illness before she became raw? Does she suffer some setback now which is preventing full recovery? If it were not for her research and health claims I would not inquire and I admire her tenacity in healing her family. I wish her all the best. But these reservations stop me fom endorsing her views.

Also, I must report that I have discovered that when you seek salvation from your food, you will never get it. Some raw foodists seek to marry an evolutionary theory with Karma ideas and make a whole picture. When this happens there is literally death in the pot.
Evolution is a theory which leading scientists at Harvard and Oxford as well as scientists in Moscow have rejected as being more religious than scientific.Notice that the scientists who reject this theory do so for scientific and not religious reasons. Too many unprovable assertions are made.We have never discovered a "simple" life form. Even unicellular animals are extremely complex and highly organized. Every life form we have discovered is highly organized. The atom has so many layers that scientists have described it as having "irreducible complexity". Therefore, we cannot properly speak of evolving from simple to complex. Everywhere the evidence contradicts this. Living things produce after their own kind.
We have never found a species which can be called transitional. For instance, Eohippus was considered to be a transition from a prehistoric horse to the modern day horse. THe problem is that Eohippus exists today as a separate species. WHEN EOHIPPUS MATE, THEY DO NOT PRODUCE HORSES THEY PRODUCE EOHIPPUS. The fossil record does not support evolution.

Karma is an untested religious notion that allows a man to believe that if he errs in this life he will go on to another life. Realize that the physical uniqueness of every human being is established fact. How is it that we should be spiritually recyclable?
No, though food is very important it will never save your soul. And sin is sin. Sin causes death.
Salvation is found only in Jesus Christ who never sinned and who is the GOd who loved us so much that he came to this earth to save us from our desire to sin and refuse to admit it. WE ARE NOT GOING TO BE RECYCLED. HUMAN BEINGS HAVE ONE LIFE AND THEN WE ARE JUDGED. We have all sinned and so we need a Savior. God is real. He loves us and gives us a choice to choose him or not. He will never force us. No food on earth can save us from the consequences of our sins. We need the forgiveness of Jesus CHrist. IF you ask him to forgive you and to change your life you will begin to live a new life with eternal hope. THere is a happy ending called Heaven where everyone who loves and obeys Jesus goes. Life is about doing good and helping others find the truth. It is not about food, though food is important.

THanks for the video.

Stephanie Bronwyn