Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Inspiration from the Kabbalah

I just received a great raw apple ;-) quote from the Kabbalah:

A worm inside an apple has a limited view of the world. When it works its way out, it discovers a landscape far beyond what it imagined.

This is how we live. We have limited perspectives, and we don’t see what we’re missing. We only see what we are — we don’t see what we can become.

Today, worm your way outside your apple. What do you want to become next week, next month, next year? Where can you grow more, do more, be more? Dream big and you will be big.

By Jehuda Berg from the Kabbalah Centre International.

Note from Annet: It would be even more interesting, if this worm would be a caterpillar on it's way to become a butterfly.

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