Saturday, January 26, 2008

Gabriel Cousens on Juvenile Diabetes, Autism, ADHD and Vaccinations

Part of our interview with Gabriel Cousens on autism, ADHD and juvenile diabetes in children.

Vaccinations seem to be connected with autism. The rate of autism is greatly increasing since people started vaccinating. The rate of juvenile diabetes, as tested in Finland, increased 154% after they added 3 different vaccinations. In New Zealand they added 2 vaccinations and they got a 62% increase in juvenile diabetes. There is a lot of reasons for that, but the point is that vaccinations seem to disorder the nervous system and seem to be connected to some level of autism. As is Candida as well. That’s one issue.

The second issue is, that kids are just having way too many sweets and their mental states are very agitated. By now the sweets have pesticides and herbicides. Some research suggests that 50% of the hyperactivity would be relieved, if they had organic food. Put them on an organic diet and a low sugar diet and look at certain allergies, that may also cause nervous system or cerebral allergies.

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