Monday, January 21, 2008

Cheap Nut Milk from Coconut and Sesame

Daniel Vitalis shows the recipe for a cheap nut milk elixir with fresh spring water, coconut flakes, sesame and herbs (you can add the ones you like).
Coconut flakes are a cheap substitute for coconut oil. Coconut contains a good quality oil with medium chain fatty acids, which form a great source of energy.
Sesame has always been a staple food for the people of India. It’s very rich in calcium.
You can use any nut for this raw food recipe. If you use almonds or cashews, you can use the meat again for other recipes. You can dry it for instance, to make flour for pies. If you use coconut and sesame seeds, you can compost them.
The base of the drink is spring water. Fresh spring water is the best water, you can get.
For this raw food recipe Daniel uses 2 cups of coconut flakes and 1/3 cup of sesame seeds. He adds apricot kernels, a cacao bean (?) and some ginger. If you use more coconut and sesame, the milk will be creamier.
After blending he uses a strainer to get a nice creamy milk. You can also use a cheap paint strainer for this purpose. An expensive nut milk bag is not necessary.
Nut milk is a great substitute for milk in the raw food diet.

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