Sunday, January 13, 2008

Raw Food Chocolate-Orange Snack

This recipe is made with the leftover almond pulp from the nut milk recipe, that you can find on the blog.
You can also use 3 ounces of soaked almonds instead. Take the brown skins off (see nut milk recipe).

leftover pulp of 3 ounces of almonds for almond milk
1 orange
1 heaped tablespoon raw chocolate
10 drops of stevia
shredded coconut
30 koji berries

Mix everything except the koji berries and shredded coconut with a handhold blender or food-processor.
Mix the dry koji berries in by hand. They take up water, which makes your snack a little dryer. I'f your snack is too wet, use more of them.
You can also use dry raisins instead of koji berries.
Form little balls (about 2 inched diameter) and roll them through the shredded coconut.
Cool and store in fridge. They keep for about 3 days.


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