Sunday, February 17, 2008

Weight Loss and other Benefits of the Raw Food Diet

Michelle has a long list of symptoms that disappeared, since she eats a raw food diet. She is raw for one year and two months on this video. During this time she ate raw fruits, vegetables, seeds, occasionally nuts and oils, and sometimes wheatgrass juice and barley powder. And she walked like crazy.

Michelle lost 160 pounds and all these symptoms disappeared:
- She stopped snoring
- Her sleep apnea stopped
- Her reflux laryngitis disappeared
- Severe ankle swelling disappeared
- Severe back pain disappeared
- Acne and oily skin disappeared
- Oily hair disappeared
- Hart flutters disappeared
- Chronic bronchitis and pneumonia disappeared
- Depression disappeared
- Lack of control over food disappeared and binging is gone
- Intense food cravings disappeared

She fits in normal cars and chairs now and can shop in regular clothing shops.
The raw food diet has taken away all her compulsive eating.
She has lost a lot of weight and has an incredible amount of energy now.

Yes, there are a lot of reasons to eat raw. To your Raw Food Success!

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