Wednesday, February 27, 2008

David Wolfe on Why and How to Start a Raw Food Diet

Our digestion is like one big muscle. If we don’t use it, we lose it. Cooked food is so mushy, that your digestion becomes weaker. It's like a muscle that is not being used. To change this condition takes time. It's a process of working up to a raw food diet and detoxification.

Everything we need to live, to be in vibrant health and to be totally alive is simple. We need:
1 Green leafy vegetables, that’s where protein is and the minerals are. A cow is a thousand pounds of protein from grass. The green in the grass has all the elements to form the cow. The gorilla, the strongest animal on the planet, eats about 80% vegetation and 20% fruit.
2 Fruit: Fruit is like fuel. It’s the natural sugar we are designed for.
3 Natural fats, like nuts, avocado’s and durian.
Many people think they need protein, when in fact they need fats.
The best source of fats are raw plant fats.

Taking animal foods has a karmic effect, you are killing the animal, and you are getting all the toxins, the animal ate in his life. They are stored in its fat.
Try to include as much as possible: green leafy vegetables, fruits and natural plant based fats.

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