Thursday, February 14, 2008

Homemade Larabars, Make Your Own Raw Fruit-Nut Bars

This week I got 2 Larabars from the US. They were fantastic, but gone within minutes. In the Netherlands we can’t buy them, so I read the label and decided to make them myself. I just did and they are delicious. Here is the recipe. It takes a few mintes to make them.

Ingredients for 6 Larabars:
1 cup nuts (I used half almonds, half hazelnuts, any kind is fine)
1 cup medjol or other soft dates
1 teaspoon lemon juice
a pinch of salt

Make the nuts fine in your blender or food processor. Don’t blend to a powder. The bars taste better with tiny pieces of nuts in them.
Press the dates to a paste. I did this by hand in a little bowl. If you do it in your blender or food processor, the dates stick to the knifes. By hand is easier.
Add the nuts, lemon and salt and mix by hand to a dough.
Make 2 long ropes from the dough by rolling it over your cutting board. Make the top and edges flat with a flat wooden spoon. Cut each rope into 3 pieces.
You Lärabars are ready.

It’s easiest, if you wrap the Larabars individually in plastic.
You can keep them in your fridge. This way they get a little harder and are easier to take with you.

Kids love these bars too. It's a handy snack for school.

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