Monday, February 11, 2008

Raw Food Diet for Kids, 7 Keys to Success

Suppose you are very enthusiastic about the raw food diet and you have kids.
Okay, you can start to experiment, but what about your kids?

Here are the 7 keys to success, if you want to start a raw food diet with kids:
1 Take your time. You need time to find things out and adjust. Give your kids their time. How much time is needed varies enormously, depending on your former habits, the kid and it’s age.
2 Make up your mind; what do you want to achieve? If your goals are clear, everything becomes easier.
3 Be an example. Children learn more by copying than by what you tell them.
4 Experiment together with your kids.
5 Don’t be strict, especially if you have kids transitioning. Teach them to listen to their own body. This is the only way, you will have success in the end.
6 Try to find other families, experimenting with or living on a raw food diet. The kids can support each other, share experiences and create their own new raw food recipes together. And don’t be surprised, if they come up with better dishes then you do ;-))
7 Have fun! The raw food diet is about life and abundance. Make it a great experience for you and your family.

I have 4 kids myself, age 6, 7, almost 16 and 18. The easiest way to satisfy them all for instance dinner, is to make a raw food meal and to add a few extra’s, like brown rice, boiled eggs or some fish. This way they can chose, whatever they feel like. And I can tell you: it works! More and more often, they ask for salads, smoothies, juices, fruits and nuts and don’t finish the other (cooked) things. The eldest ones eat fresh fries every now and then and afterwards, they often complain “Mama, I don’t feel well.” This is the only way they can find out. Let them experiment.

My motto (a macrobiotic one) is “Non Credo”, don’t believe others, but find things out for yourself. Find out what works and what doesn’t. This is the best way, to filter out all the wrong information and to keep the best. It always helped me.

To Your Raw Food Success!

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