Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Is a Raw Food Diet without Milk Safe?

Most of us are brought up on milk and milk products. Therefore it’s hard to believe for us, that we can live without.
Our ancestors used just a little bit of milk on special occasions. We drink large quantities and almost every product in the supermarket has milk powder or another product made of milk in it. More and more people are getting overly sensitive to milk and have allergies because of this high milk consumption.
I just read a study, that suggests that children who consume high levels of dairy products, nearly 2 cups a day (not even that much), have a greater risk of developing colorectal cancer in adulthood. Source: The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, December 2007, by Dr. Jolieke C. van der Pols and colleagues.
Did you know that the biggest part of the world population uses hardly any milk (products). In Asia people use soy as a staple food, rather than milk. Many eastern people don’t even have the enzymes to digest milk properly.
But what about calcium? Don’t we need milk to get our calcium?
The answer is very simple: no, we don’t need milk for calcium. If that would be true, almost all people in Asia would have a lack of calcium and there would be a high rate of osteoporosis. But this is not the case, they even have very strong bones.
There are many other good sources of calcium: for instance green vegetables, nuts and seeds. This calcium is easier to assimilate than the calcium in milk. Especially sesame seeds, again a staple food in Asia, is rich in good quality calcium.
And did you know, that magnesium and silicon are much more important for our bones than calcium? Almost every western person has a lack of these minerals. Adding them to your diet is far more important than adding more calcium.
Finland and the Netherlands, the countries where people eat the most dairy, have the highest rate of osteoporoses. If milk would be the solution, this could never happen.
But milk seems to do the contrary of what we think. Drinking a lot of commercially produced milk, full of hormones and antibiotics, is forming a lot of acids in your body. What does your body do to get rid of these acids? I uses calcium from the bones , which is very alkaline, to neutralise them. The result of this being a lack of calcium in the bones, caused by the milk. So we don’t need milk to solve osteoporosis, we need to avoid it to solve osteoporosis!
Other very important and often overlooked factors to create and keep strong bones are exercise and direct sunlight (vitamin D). Scientific research has proven, that older people who exercise, have much stronger bones, than people who don’t exercise. Sunlight helps to create strong bones by creating vitamin D. Vitamin D is also essential to build strong bones.
Do you want to be really healthy, have and keep strong bones? Focus on a fresh raw plant food diet, high in natural calcium, magnesium, silicon and other nutrients. Avoid (a lot of) milk. Exercise and make sure to get enough sunlight. You will be stronger than ever before.

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