Monday, February 25, 2008

Make This Day Exciting in Less than 30 Seconds!

Crazy Secret Smashes Boredom & Ignites Passion In 30 Seconds…

By Roger Haeske

This method is so powerful it's almost on the verge of being supernatural in nature. This technique takes advantage of something that is already "hard-wired" into the brain of every human on the planet. It's a virtually irresistible way to ignite passion and excitement.

I'm sure you've heard of this before, but you might not have realized its true power. This simple technique will make any day exciting in less than 30-seconds. All you have to do is to remember to use it. And it's so easy any five year old could do it.

But there's something even more powerful behind this simple "mind-shift." If you use this on a daily basis, you start building an incredible track record of success. This builds your self-confidence and belief in yourself like nothing else.

Soon you'll be going from one success to another and you'll wonder why things where so hard for you before.

I'm actually using this magical method right now to write this very article with fire and passion. In fact, it just started with the simple daily goal to write a quick and motivating article.

So, what is the secret?
I just told you the secret. But could you recognize it? I doubt it. I just revealed it. At least partially.

Maybe it seems incredibly mundane and something you already know about. But in actuality this has the power to revolutionize your life instantly. And it will only revolutionize your life when you understand and feel for yourself the motivation and fire it creates in you.

Did you figure it out yet?
I know you probably hate me for doing this. Ok, I'll tell you the secret and spell it out for you.

Set An Inspiring Daily Goal
Goal setting, we've all heard of it and like most people it usually sounds so boring. But this is different and it's not as hard. Just set a small goal for yourself that you want to achieve. Make it a bit challenging but nothing you couldn't achieve if you put your mind to it.

And do it daily. Set the goal first thing in the morning and try to achieve it to start your day if at all possible.

For instance you can set a goal to exercise for 5 minutes doing Lightning Aerobics. Yes I know that sounds like a small goal to some people. But imagine a person who's never really liked exercising. Or someone who's really fat and out of shape.

That five minute exercise goal could be challenging but also doable in his mind. The next day you can increase the goal to exercise for 6 minutes. Or you can set a goal to do 50 reps of the Lightning Speed Exercise for the day or just for the morning hours.

If you wish you can set a goal to do 100 push-ups for the day. Of course, the goal depends on your current level of fitness. It has to be a bit challenging. But if you haven't been doing any push-ups, then doing 25 for the day might make you fee like a million bucks.

How about having a 100% raw food breakfast today. It's not so difficult to accomplish and it gets you excited about the day. You can build off of that success with a new goal for the next day in regards to eating raw.

The key to the power behind this is that we humans get excited about achieving goals. And it gets even more exciting when you take small and consistent actions toward your goals.

Maybe your goal is to write a short post to your raw food blog. This month I've had a goal to post daily to my blog. I haven't quite made it, there's been a day or two I missed. But even with a minor failure, I've had many more successful days.

Each day builds extra confidence. Even today I was going to give up my goal of writing. I just wanted to rest for once. But I said screw it and reset the goal. And man did that get me excited.

So set a daily exciting goal. And watch how your level of enjoyment and enthusiasm for life takes a jump through the roof. How about setting an income goal? Today I'm going to earn $10 or $100 or $1,000.

If you're already earning $200 a day, then obviously you don't want to set a goal of $100 a day. Just set something that's a bit challenging and that you think you can achieve. Even if you don’t immediately achieve your goal, the process of setting the goal and asking yourself how to achieve it will unleash incredible power and magical ideas inside of you.

It automatically engages "The Law of Attraction."

You only get the answers if you ask the question. In order to answer the questions, you need to first set the goal.

If you had a boring and dull day, it's because you had no exciting goal for the day. Set an inspiring daily goal and never be bored again. And be creative, whenever you're bored just find a way to set a goal and see what happens. You can have goals even for the most mundane tasks like washing the dishes.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness, Fitness and Freedom, Roger Haeske

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