Monday, February 18, 2008

Gabriel Cousens on Dairy; Do You Need Milk Products?

Do you wonder, whether you need milk products? Do you think, that by drinking milk, you don't harm animals? Watch this video by Gabriel Cousens.
I couldn't get it on the blog, so click the link, if you are interested. It's a great video with a lot of information.

Perspectives on Dairy

The focus of this article is to clear some of the confusion about the purity, harmlessness, and safety of consuming dairy products. This includes organic and raw un-pasteurized dairy. Dairy products include milk, cheese, cream, butter, yogurt, and whey from lactating animals. Stopping dairy intake is not just about our personal health, but is also associated with the prevention of cruelty to cows and the protection of the ecology & energy of the planet. In this context, going vegan is a call to put our own self-serving or narcissistic needs aside and move toward elevating planetary healing. We can do this by choosing a diet that serves both the healing of the planet and ourselves.

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