Friday, February 22, 2008

Brian Clement: Will Juice Feasting Stop the Craving for Cooked Foods?

Will juice feasting stop the craving for cooked food? We are not sure about that. Juice feasting is a lovely terminology, rather than deprivation, fasting, suffering and all the old terms, that were out there in the field. The new generation has given us some bright light on the subject.

If one is juice feasting on green juices and in particular sprout juices, that are very high in protein, there is a major biochemical component, protein, which will regulate the blood sugar and diminish the desire for food.

At the Hippocrates Institute guests come in and think they are going to starve. By the third day, nobody is hungry anymore, even the big overeaters. They get green sprout juices; wheatgrass juices. These juices are complete protein juices, completely digestible. They go into the blood stream, regulate the blood sugar and are extremely useful in reducing the desire to eat.

How to lose excess belly fat? There is one exercise that people all over the world need to do every day and that is abdominal exercise. You don't need a fancy machine. Brian Clement started over a decade ago. By that time even 20 or 30 times was difficult. Every January first he added 25 abdominal exercises. He is now up to just under 400 every day, seven days a week. If you do not do this, your belly fat will remain and you will not be neat and flat, as we call it, even if you eat a good diet.

The diets that work best are high enzyme diets. The food that has the highest enzyme in it for this belly fat is lipase. You can find it in the root vegetable jicama, onion sprouts and turnips. Also lipase as a supplement can be very helpful. Lipase is a fat-eating and fat-burning supplement. Even for people who are stagnating on fat loss, this can help. This lipase supplement can be taken short term.

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