Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Four Kinds of Eaters: Involved, Lazy, Conservative and Adventurous

The University of Wageningen in the Netherlands did research among 1000 people to find out about their values concerning diet. The researchers found out, that there are four groups of people, very different in their approach to diet. Each group needs different information, if we want to teach them about a healthy diet.

Involved people are interested a safe and healthy diet, that is friendly for the environment and the animals, and that is produced in a fair way.

Lazy people are not very interested in their diet or the origin of their food. They eat, because they have to and preferably as easy as possible.

Conservative people tend to eat, what they are used to and like to eat, what they ate as a child. There are more men than women in this group. Their level of education is lower than average.

Adventurous eaters are mainly interested in the place their food comes from and if it is grown environmentally friendly. They like surprises and enjoy eating. Their level of education is above average.

I think that people who are interested in the raw food diet, are mainly involved and adventurous eaters. If you are not involved, you are not interested in raw food. All the new foods in the raw food diet appeal to the more adventurous people.

Do you recognize yourself?

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