Sunday, February 3, 2008

Easy Recipe for Health Food: Sprouting Seeds

Are you looking for an easy and cheap health food recipe? Consider sprouting seeds!

Many people complain: health food is so expensive. Yes, some health food is very expensive. But did you ever realize, that the best food on earth is often the cheapest? Think about wild herbs and sprouts. They cost hardly anything. They are complete foods, full of lifeforce, but we tend to forget about them.

Sprouts are full of nutrients: vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids, easy to digest carbohydrates and enzymes. They taste great in salads, smoothies, stuffed vegetables, herb teas or as a garnish.

A wellknown delicious sprout is alfalfa. It has a high mineral content, containing magnesium, calcium, silicon, phosphorus, sulfur, sodium, potassium and other minerals.
They are easy to grow yourself. Even in winter in the city.

Take a hand full of seeds. Soak them overnight and throw away the soaking water. Place them on a deep plate in the daylight and rinse them twice a day. They should stay moist all the time, but not wet.
After a day, the alfalfa seeds start sprouting. First you see white ends appearing. After a few days, these turn green. Now they are ready to eat. At this point they taste the best.
You can keep these seeds (covered) in the fridge for a few days.

Do you have kids, who don't want to eat greens?
Let them grow their own sprouts!

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