Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Yes, I Ate My First Raw Stinging Nettle Today. This is Fun!

Yes, I gave it a try today: to eat raw stinging nettles without preparation! And …. it is really possible without burning your hands, throat, stomach and all the rest. Thanks to David Wolfe, I learned something fantastic about a fresh raw superfood direct from nature .... ;-)
Watch David’s video elsewhere on the blog for the details.
Then we made the most delicious Green Mango-Stinging Nettle Smoothie.
Very easy and full of life force.

1 ripe mango
½ blender stinging nettle
some lemon
1 cup water
Blend and enjoy.
It tastes really good. The nettle has a very mild taste.
This is the best and healthiest spring smoothie, you can think of.

To Your Health and Success!

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