Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Chocolate Club, Raw Food Dinners and Parties in Amsterdam

“Hip to be Healthy, Cool to be Conscious”
This Saturday, I went to the Chocolate Club in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, with my camera. And ... had a great evening.
The Chocolate Club is an intitiative of Mastercare, the Netherlands.
Every first saturday of the month, you can enjoy a delicious 3-course raw food dinner,
prepared with love.
Rawfood chef Jeramaya van Sterren serves his main course, consisting of, amongst others, courgette filled with the most delicious raw mushroom-nut pâté.
After enjoying your raw food dinner, you can choose whether to go to an energetic and fun dance party, with DJ and live show, or to stay in the café and relax.
In the café you can get natural superfood drinks, like alchemic raw chocolate, E3 live, goji juice, fresh wheatgrass juice, kombucha champagne or young Thai coconuts.
There are also raw food products for sale.

Or you can have a great chair massage with Clyde ....

The idea of the Chcolate Club is unique in the world. The slogan “Hip to be Healthy, Cool to be Conscious” is very original. Rawfood brings life, lots of energy, consciousness and more love in this world. It is wonderfull to see, how everybody participates in his or her own way, and share experiences with others.
Yes, raw food gives great energy. This is very clear at the Chocolate Club.
For reservations and information: contact@chocolateclub.nl.
Dance Street: http://www.dancestreet.net/, 1st Rozendwarsstraat 10, in the Jordaan, Amsterdam Centre, the Netherlands
Mastercare (internet) shop, raw food cafe: http://www.mastercare.nl/.
Chocolate Club Hyve: chocolateclub.hyves.n

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