Saturday, March 8, 2008

Good Breathing is as Important as a Good Diet: The Buteyko Method

Do you know the Buteyko Method? My oldest son and I are doing it at the moment. It's a great breathing technique from Russia, good for everybody, but especially for people with asthma and allergies. Doing Buteyko and eating a raw food diet are a great combination for good health.

I was surprised to hear, that most people breath too much. Buteyko found out, that breathing less is better for your health. Many people lose too much carbon dioxide through habitual over-breathing or hyperventilation. This may have been brought on by an infection, allergy, prolonged exercising or habitual mouth breathing.

"When we lose too much carbon dioxide, certain chemical changes take place in our body, which are perceived as negative changes, and the body’s defense mechanisms are then trying to stop further loss of carbon dioxide by, for instance, narrowing the airways, producing mucus or pausing your breathing every so often as you sleep."

"If you correct a person’s poor breathing habits and give additional advice about diet, posture, exercise and the use of certain medicines, then you can normalize the levels of carbon dioxide and stop those symptoms from happening."

Buteyko works great for asthma patients, people with blocked sinuses, allergies, snoring, sleep apneu and recurrent respiratory infections. But also for everybody else. Good breathing is essential for good health. I think everybody should know the basics of Buteyko.

We have always learned, that we need as much oxygen as possible. Some people are even exercising with extra oxygen, while in fact most people first need to build up their carbon dioxide levels to be able to use this oxygen.

Eating a raw food diet and practicing Buteyko go very well together. Their effects are very similar. They both make the body healthier and more alkaline. A greater awareness of the food we eat goes hand in hand with a greater awareness of the air we breathe.

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