Saturday, March 15, 2008

Yes! Ann Wigmore sprouting video: how to sprout the different seeds

This is a fantastic and rare video. I found it at (good job guys!).
It is made from an old fashioned video. Turn your speakers loud and put the video on full screen.

Ann Wigmore was one of our first modern raw foodists. I met her in 1983 at the Hippocrates Institute in Boston, where we had a great time. Sprouts all over the place! She is one of the best examples of a very dedicated and driven woman, spreading the importance the raw live food diet into this world. Thank you Ann!

Ann healed herself and many others from cancer with this diet.
For many years Ann worked together with dr. Flora, who is still very active nowadays spreading the message of a raw vegan diet.
Every now and then Flora and I have email contact, which is always very inspiring.

The Hippocrates Institute, that Ann started is led by Brian and Anna Maria Clement nowadays. It moved to Florida. In 10 days I will meet Brian and Anna Maria in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and hopefully do a video interview with them. More about this soon.

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