Wednesday, March 12, 2008

How to transition to a raw food diet and how to control your cravings

Kevin Gianni made a great video on how to transition to a raw food diet without stress.

Do you wonder how to transition to a healthy raw food diet? Do you have a problem to control your cravings? Do you wonder how others can be 100% raw. Do you start all over every time, but without success?

Watch Kevin’s video. I totally agree with him. Start with having the mindset for success. By the way, now you understand, how I came up with the name for this blog: raw food success. Your mindset is the most important. Everything starts there.

And … if you have the urge to eat something bad, don’t judge. Eat it or don’t. Don’t force something on yourself, you might not yet be ready for. Your body needs time. If you eat something “bad” and feel the consequences, maybe next time, you will make another choice.

I think the Chinese dietary system is great in this respect. Every food has its own unique qualities, there is no bad or wrong. It’s the same with Buddhism.
Ultimately, after eating healthier for some time, you and your body will change and the cravings will disappear by itself. Without realizing, you will find yourself eating 100% raw one day.

Have a fantastic day!

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