Friday, March 28, 2008

Brian and Anna Maria Clement on fruits, sprouts and weeds

Last wednesday Esmé and I interviewed Brian Clement and Anna Maria Clement in Amsterdam.
We asked: "What is the best food to eat, if you don't want to eat 100% raw".
Brian’s answer (from a scientific background) is remarkable.
It is very important not to eat too much fruit. Many people eat massive amounts of fruit and fruit sugars in their raw food diet. There are different reasons, why to avoid this.
Sprouts, greens and weeds are much healthier.
If you do want to add other foods to these sprouts, greens and weeds, it is best to add some cooked vegetables or grains like millet, quinoa, buckwheat and amaranth (up to 20% of your diet, when you are healthy).


sita said...

The last few weeks I say to friends who are asking about my health: I think I shouldn't eat fruits for a while, because my healing doesn't seem to progress. ( I try to follow David Klein and David Nison in their ways how they healed themselves from Crohns/Colitis with raw foods. - they differ, btw)
Anyway, fruits seem to create more acid in my body (as are nuts..?), causing more symptoms. But because I get weak when I don't eat fruit I haven't found a way to solve this problem yet. The handicap within disease is that often you are to tired to think properly...But I just wanted to comment here, that I'm very happy with this video where Brian confirms that fruits shouldn't be included when you have a disease - if I understood this well. Now, it would be nice if someone would create a wonderful menu where u don't miss fruits!
I remember that also Paul Nison mentioned in a lecture (internet) that he wouldn't eat so many fruits anymore when he could step into the past of his recovery process. Hmm, so I guess we have to be creative about this ourselves...Soups, veg juices, veg smoothies, besides salads.

Annet van Dorsser said...

Anna Maria, Brian and their kids eat about 80% raw. They add some cooked vegetables (like yam and squash) and grains (like millet, quinoa and buckwheat). I think this is a great solution. Gabriel Cousens has a similar approach for healthy people, who don't want to eat 100% raw.