Thursday, March 13, 2008

Learn to test what diet is best for you with applied kinesiology

What is your ideal diet?

Do you wonder, what diet is the best for you?
You can study every diet and listen to all the diet guru’s. And you will learn a lot.
But …. everybody is different. What is good for one person, isn’t for another.
How do you find out, what diet is ideal for you?
You can experiment, try, find out, experiment again and overtime you will get a feeling for it.
You can also take a shortcut: try applied kinesiology.

My experience with applied kinesiology

I started with applied kinesiology 30 years ago. Later on I used many different systems like bio-resonance, vega testing and electro acupuncture, but applied kinesiology always stayed my favorite testing method. It’s a very easy and accurate method, that everybody can use without special equipment.

How does applied kinesiology work?

This is still a miracle to me after all those years ;-) But is does work.
The principle behind applied kinesiology is, that everybody has a certain energy field around him- or herself. This energy field can be influenced by all kind of things; emotions, people, objects, thoughts and diet.
By testing certain muscles you can find out, whether a person is strong or weak. You can even find out, which energy systems in the body are strong and which are weak, and if there is a lack of certain nutrients.

Now comes the miraculous part ...

If you keep a food near the body - you don’t even have to eat it - your body reacts already. Your body and muscles will become stronger or weaker. If you test a food that is good for you, your muscle will stay strong. If the food is bad for you, the muscle will become weak.
This way you can find out which food is best for you at a certain moment. And this can change during the day.

What can you do with applied kinesiology in daily life?

Can you imagine what happens to your body when you take food that makes you weak?
You become weak.
And if you take food that makes you strong?
You become strong.

Applied kinesiology is a very easy way to check if you are doing the right thing.
Suppose you want to take fruit juice for breakfast.
You do the test first and find out, that this juice makes you weaker.
Now you take wheatgrass. And what happens? This really makes you strong.
Now if you take the wheatgrass, you will feel great. If you had taken the fruit juice, you would have felt bad, although it is a raw food.
This is just an example. It could just as well have been the other way around, that juice would have been good and wheatgrass bad.

Allergies and applied kinesiology

Applied kinesiology is also a great way to find out, if you are allergic to certain foods or if you have food intolerances. It you keep the food or substance, you are allergic to or you can’t tolerate near the body, it becomes weak immediately. Then you know, that you should avoid that food or substance for the time being.

Did you know, that you can even be “allergic” to people? Just mention their name and see what happens ;-)

Who can do applied kinesiology?

Applied kinesiology is an easy technique to learn. Everybody can do it.
In an hour you can learn the basics. In a weekend, you will know a whole lot.
Of course you can go to a practitioner, like I am, if you want help with very specific things.
But in general, I think it’s great to learn it yourself.
Even kids love to do it. It’s that easy and so valuable!

By the way, you can also test babies and toddlers with applied kinesiology, while they sit with their parents, by testing the parents. Yes, it like magic ….

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