Sunday, March 30, 2008

Raw food kids Blake Clement and Tom Watkins about their lifestyle

Last Wednesday Esmé and I, from Raw Food Europe, interviewed Blake Clement (10) and Tom Watkins (11). Blake is the youngest son of Anna Maria and Brian Clement. He has always lived on a raw living food diet. Tom is a Dutch boy, with an English father, who eats raw food since 5 years. This week there was a documentary on Dutch television about Tom's life, called "Rauw". The other boy is Julan (8), a friend of Tom. He is Dutch and can't express himself so well in English.

We asked the boys about their life. What they eat during the day. What they do, when they go to friends. If their friends eat at their house. What food they like best. What they think of the raw food diet.

It's great to see, how these energetic and intelligent boys react. Just like any other kid. They hardly seem to realize that they live differently. Blake tells that other children think "he is cool" and want to be like him. I can imagine, he is happy, healthy, energetic and travels all over the world with his parents. That is pretty "cool" for a boys his age.

Watch these raw food kids, as they tell the raw food story from a kids perspective.

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