Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Raw Food News: Kevin Gianni Starts Renegate Health Show

Kevin Gianni starts the Renegate Health Show. This show will be broadcast EVERY day Monday-Friday anywhere between 6-8:00 PM Eastern.

The purpose of this show is foremost to have fun. Health is a serious issue, but Kevin (and I) definitely think we can have fun and address serious issues at the same time. The second reason of the show is to educate you. To give you information that is relevant to your own health. “The Renegade Health Show” is here to give you real world health advice for real world situations.

For more information visit Watch, learn, laugh and get back to your day/evening. Each episode will be on average 7-10 minutes.

The idea of Kevin with his show is very similar to mine with this blog. I hope we can reach many people by brining out the information in a fun and entertaining way.

Kevin, to your success!

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there's an interesting event happening in Hawaii this November.

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