Saturday, March 22, 2008

David Wolfe and Tim Van Orden: protein sources in the raw vegan diet

How do you get your protein, if you eat a raw vegan diet? This is a question, we raw get all the time. In these video's, you get the answers of two raw food experts.

David Wolfe gives an overview of some foods in the raw food diet that are rich in protein: spirulina, seaweeds in general, seeds, nuts, bee pollen and vegetables. The protein in the raw food diet is highly absorbable, so you don't need as much protein as western nutritionists tell you.

Tim Van Orden has a somewhat different approach, which I think is very interesting.
You don't need protein, you need amino acids. Raw food is filled with amino acids in the
form of enzymes. Enzymes are nothing else than complex chains of animo acids.
Although Tim doesn't get enough protein according to western theory, he is 15 pounds overweight as an athlete, all muscle tissue. How is that possible? Watch these interesting videos.

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