Tuesday, March 18, 2008

How to eat raw in social situations? Our interview with David Wolfe

This inspiring video is part of the interview Esmé Stevens and I had with David Wolfe in Antwerp, September 30, 2007. We asked David how to deal with social situations.
What do you do, when your friends or family ask you out for dinner or prepare a delicious cooked meal for you.

The answer is simple. It doesn't happen anymore if everybody knows, you eat raw food. David eats raw food for 13 years now and everybody sees him as the raw food guru.
So what is our advice? Be a raw food guru yourself! Even if you know very little, it is usually more than the others know.

And if it does happen, that you are in a situation without raw food, you could decide to fast or ask for a glass of water. If you keep eating a raw food diet, there will be a moment at which cooked food is no longer appealing to you. You don't think about it as food anymore. This will happen effortless.

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Glen Colello said...

Social Situations are just that social & fun the food is just there
The choice is in our hands
DoI pick that pig in a blanket, that cheese and cracker up, that chicken wing up & put it in my mouth? You are in total control!