Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Running Raw: Exercise and Diet don't Make You Stronger

Tim VanOrden, a raw vegan athlete and runner talks about exercise and diet.
Exercise does not make you stronger or faster. It makes you weaker and more tired.
Rest and recovery make you stronger.

Diet is the same way. If you eat stressful foods, your body doesn’t have time to heal itself. Anything that has been processed or refined, anything that has been cooked or is an animal product, or especially cooked animal products, is a stressful food. Yes the body can survive on these foods. But we want to thrive, not just survive.

By eating stressful foods seven days a week, your body has no time to heal. Did you know that your body needs three days to breakdown one cheeseburger? In the meantime it has no time to do something else.

If you eat a raw food diet, best organic, you don’t stress the body. The food does its job and goes out of the way. Now the body has free time to heal itself. This is why a raw food diet can heal you and make you stronger.

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