Sunday, April 6, 2008

Is a raw vegan diet good for us or do we need meat?

Are we carnivores or herbivores by nature?
Watch this funny video, in which a talking pig gives you the answer.

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Jonathan said...

The video is mostly true; however it draws the distinction between carnivores and herbivores. Most will not contend that humans are not carnivores; instead, the debate is about whether human are omnivores or herbivores. I recently go in a "discussion" with a coworker of mine as to the optimal diet for the human being. I posted some resources on my blog ( )that I think will help. Being a med-student he felt as if he had a better understanding of the human nutritional needs than I did ( believing that humans evolved to eat meat), but having worked in a health food store (different locale of occupation) for over three years, and having a mother who studied nutrition in college (and got our family into a high-raw-vegan, or vegan diet) I felt like I had the upper hand. Needless to say, the argument went no where (though I was vehemently attacked from all sides), and each respective party maintained their status quo on diet.
It is so odd that we as people so closely associate what we eat with who we are, and we take attacks on how eat as personal attacks... I find this strange, but true. Yet, there is overwhelming evidence (as this cartoon shows) that this is the best diet for our bodies.