Thursday, April 3, 2008

Gabriel Cousens: the ultimate truth about any (raw) diet

In this short video Gabriel Cousens tells you the most important aspect of any diet: learn to observe what food is good for you! This is the true meaning of conscious eating and spiritual nutrition. Get to know yourself better and find out what food suits you best.

If you compare this video to the one of David Wolfe below, you will see, that Gabriel says exactly the same thing.

I like the macrobiotic slogan: Non credo!
Don't believe anything, but find out for yourself.

In Chinese medicine, diet is a very personal thing. Nobody should have exactly the same diet as any other person. Everybody is different and every circumstance is different, so every diet should be different.

As you can see, they all agree.

This is also my personal approach, when I give dietary advice. Find out what food is good for this particular person. I use applied kinesiology to test food and my lifelong experience giving dietary advice, to find the ideal diet for a person.

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