Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Nutrients in raw chocolate prevent deficiencies and build strong bones

Kevin Gianni from filmed David Wolfe at the Rhode Island School of Design. David Wolfe speaks about his favorite subject: raw chocolate or cacao.
The cacao bean is one of the richest foods in the world, extremely rich in magnesium, iron and bromium. What are the greatest deficits we have in our modern society? Magnesium, iron and bromium?
Cacao can be useful to build bones, not because it is rich in calcium, but because it is rich in magnesium and silicon. These are the minerals we need to build bones. A chicken can make egg shells from silicon, not from calcium.
If you make tea from raw cacao and horsetail (rich in silicon) you have a great drink to regenerate bones and to prevent osteoporosis.
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