Monday, April 28, 2008

Europe is waking up! And time for stinging nettle juice ...

Today has been as busy day for Raw Food Netherlands (our Dutch raw food department).
The main Dutch newspaper “de Telegraaf” interviewed me last Friday.
The article was published today. Almost a whole page on raw food!
This meant thousands of readers on my Dutch blog today, lots of email and the phone ringing all day.
Today the main newspaper from Belgium “Het Nieuwsblad” interviewed me as well.
This interview will be published tomorrow.
And for a change, tonight I was interviewed again about raw food.
Europe is waking up. People become interested in raw food.

I had hardly any time to eat my raw food, talking about it all the time.
But … I made a fantastic raw chocolate smoothie, great under these circumstances.
It is easy and fast to make and very nourishing. Enough food for hours.

And tonight, not having had much time for shopping, I made the best stinging nettle combination
so far: half stinging nettle, half cucumber.
Try it! You’ll be surprised. It tastes good.
If you think, that it’s too strong, use more cucumber and less stinging nettle.
This smoothie is very alkaline, nourishing and gives instant energy, exactly what I needed.
And ... it is almost free, as are the best things in life ;-)


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