Friday, May 9, 2008

Victoria Boutenko makes raw almond milk, an easy raw food recipe

Victoria Boutenko makes raw almond milk. In this video you see, how fast and easy it goes. Going to the store to buy soy, rice, nut or cows milk takes a whole lot longer and is much more expensive. A Vitamix (or any other blender) full with fresh almond milk costs you about 50 cents.

You can keep this nut milk in the fridge for about two days.
Instead of almonds, you can use sunflower seeds, macadamia's, cashews, walnuts, sesame seeds or any other kind of nut or seed. It is best to soak nuts overnight or at least four hours before you use them. This makes them easier to digest. Throw away the soaking water.

The leftover pulp from the nuts is great in salads, desserts, pies, dehydrated crackers or smoothies. You can also make seed cheese from it.

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Raw Chef Dan said...

Looks great but what is the recipe? I want recipes! Well I have a ton on Have fun everyone and I hope the Boutenko's put more recipes on line they really know their stuff!