Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dr. Barbara Hendel: how to make sole from Himalayan crystal salt

Dr. Barbara Hendel demonstrates how to make a sole drink from natural Himalayan ground salt or crystal salt and natural spring water for a daily energizing and detoxifying drink.

This sole drink is very easy to make. You dissolve Himalayan ground salt or crystal salt in good quality water. Use enough salt, so that there is still salt visible on the bottom. This way you make a sterile salt solution of 26% salt.

Take a teaspoon or half a teaspoon of this sole and mix it into a glass of good quality water. Drink this every morning on an empty stomach. This sole drink contains the energy of the sun (sole means sun in Latin) and is great to build up energy. It also helps your digestion and to detoxify.

You can take this sole every morning for six weeks or two months, stop for a while and start again. You will feel much better and have more energy.

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