Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fast and easy raw food recipe for a cashew cheese sandwich

This is a very fast and easy raw food recipe. Within a few minutes you prepare a whole meal.
Take cabbage or romaine lettuce leaves, make a nut pâté, add some sprouts and if you like other vegetables and create a fantastic and nourishing raw food dish.

Ingredients nut pâté:
1 cup cashews
½ sunflower seeds
2 limes
1 cup red bell peppers and yellow bell peppers
½ handful parsley
1/4 red onion
2 cloves of garlic
little rosemary
pinch of sea salt

For the sandwich:
cabbage or romaine lettuce leaves
nut pâté
optional: cucumber, black olives, more onions, mushrooms, more bell pepper

Mix the ingredients for the nut pâté in your food processor or blender.
Make a pretty fine puree with a little bit of chunks, not like a smoothie.
You can also add olive oil, more salt, cayenne, chili powder or curry, whatever you like.

Take the cabbage leaves, add the nut pâté and sprouts and other vegetables and make a sandwich out of it.
You can put in on a bed of rucola or spinach with a little salad dressing on top and your meal is ready!

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