Thursday, May 29, 2008

Raw food video: How to make raw vegan sushi and nori rolls

In this video, you can see the basics of making raw vegan sushi. Make sure to have the black nori sheets, they are raw. Some Asian stores sell green nori sheets, which are roasted. Instead of wasabi, you can take fresh horseradish, which is very similar to the main ingredient of wasabi and often used as a substitute. It has a strong flavor, so be careful. And buy raw natural nama shoyu, not the commercial kind.

Personally I add more things to the nut pâté, like fresh herbs, lemon and tomato. You can also use sprouts and edible weeds inside your sushi or nori roll. To close the noriroll, wet the seam with a little water. Press gently to make your roll firm enough to cut it into small slices. It´s a great idea to put it in the freezer for five minutes before slicing.

Enjoy your sushi!

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couch said...

Hello Annet,

your sushi receipes sound very "special" and jummy.
Ich will try them, thank you.!

Felix from