Thursday, May 15, 2008

Minor's lettuce, Sergei Boutenko on edible weeds in green smoothies

In this video Sergei Boutenko teaches you how to recognize minor's lettuce, an edible weed. You can also see how to make an energizing green smoothie from minor's lettuce and fruits. If you want the most powerful greens on earth, start to look for edible weeds.

Be careful, you need good information before you can start to eat the weeds from your backyard. Some weeds are edible and some are not. Look for someone to teach you and enjoy the best and healthiest green smoothies ever.

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rawchefdan said...

Green Smoothies are taking over. I just love that soo many people are getting into it. You go VB! I have a ton of recipes on my site but not these tasty drinks. Hope to add some soon.
Peace and Gratitude Raw Chef Dan