Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Edible weeds: Dandelion with Sergei Boutenko, Harmony Hikes

Dandelion is an edible weed, that you can find almost everywhere in northern climates. All parts are edible: the roots, leaves and flower. There are 300 different kinds of dandelion, all edible. They have different sizes. If you want to check, if you have a dandelion, flip over the leaf and check the main vein. It should be smooth, not hairy. If you are not sure, don’t eat it.

Dandelion is good for:
- Arthritis, anemia, breast cancer and cancer in general, candida, cysts and urinary tract infections.
- Dandelion is good for is good for the kidney, liver, gallbladder (not mentioned in this video), bladder, pancreas and spleen.
- Emotional satisfaction and wellbeing.

It contains the vitamins A, B, C en according to some even vitamin B12.
It contains the minerals beta-carotene, phosphor, magnesium and calcium.

Dandelion Pesto:
Dandelion greens
Dandelion flowers
A lime
Extra virgin olive oil

Watch the video for the approximate amounts and experiment.

To your dandelion success!

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