Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Dr. Barbara Hendel: Himalayan crystal salt, sole as natural cosmetic

Dr. Barbara Hendel, the author of "Water and Salt: the essence of life" tells how you can use Himalayan salt as a natural cosmetic. When you take a normal bath, your skin dries out. If you add 1% Himalayan salt to your bath, called a sole bath, your skin becomes very soft and smooth. It is moistened in a very natural way and even wrinkles disappear.

You make a sole bath by dissolving 1 kilo (2 pounds) of Himalayan salt in water at 98,6 degree Fahrenheit (body temperature). At this temperature minerals can enter your body easily and toxins can come out easily. Stay in this water for 20 minutes. Don’t rub or take a shower afterwards. The salt must remain on your skin. You will be surprised by the natural softness of your skin.

This bath also gives you energy through the minerals in the salt. During the full moon the sole bath is more energizing, during the new moon it is more detoxifying.

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