Friday, May 30, 2008

Joel Fuhrman M.D. - You can cure diabetes with diet and lifestyle

Joel Fuhrman MD has cured hundreds of people of diabetes using diet and lifestyle. The American Diabetic Association wanted him to write an article about his work for their journal and offered him a check of $ 750,00. Doctor Fuhrman happily wrote the article. When the American Diabetic Association saw the contents of this article - people who cured completely of diabetes type 2 - they wanted him to adjust the article. Their journal is sponsored by Eli Lilly drug company, a pharmaceutical company that produces insulin. This company would not like the contents of the article. Joel Furhman didn't and the article was never published.

You can definitely cure diabetes type 2 with diet and lifestyle. Thousands of people are cured with the help of Gabriel Cousens, Brian and Anna Maria Clement, Ann Wigmore and so many others. I spoke to some of them in Israël, who were talking about a miracle that happened to them, after they changed their diet and lifestyle.

But ..... don't tell anybody it's possible to cure diabetes .... the pharmaceutical industry doesn't want us to know .... Shout it out ;-)

This is an excerpt from Dr. Furhman's presentation at the Healthy Lifestyle Expo 2007.

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