Sunday, June 1, 2008

Joel Fuhrman M.D. - Nutrient density is the key to good health

In this video Joel Fuhrman speaks about the nutrient density of foods.
I think this is a very interesting concept. It clarifies a lot of things.
Why do so many vegans look grey and pale? Why are so many rawfoodies too thin?
What should you eat, if you don’t want to eat 100% raw?
These are questions I get all the time. Here is the answer!

Portion sized diets don’t work. We have to desire smaller portions.To do that we have to eat high nutrient, high volume foods. High volume foods are raw vegetables, fresh fruits, cooked greens and non-green vegetables.
You should know the nutrient density of foods. The food that is highest in nutrient density are green vegetables. Kale has the highest number, followed by collards, spinach and bok choi. Fruits and vegetables are all above 100. All the other foods are below.
Most people on a vegan diet get most of their calories from grains, potatoes and oil. That can’t be a healthy diet.

Joel Furhman doesn’t mention the superfoods in this video. Those are also high density foods. That’s why they are called superfoods. Examples are raw cacao, goji berries, maca, wild honey, bee pollen, hemp seed, spirulina, chlorella and green powders (from edible grasses). I also miss the edible weeds, sprouted seeds and seaweeds.
Some of these probably have a nutrient density above 1000 ;-)

A diet of raw vegetables, fresh fruits, edible weeds, sprouted seeds, seaweeds and superfoods is ideal, if you want to eat 100% raw plant based diet. If you want to add some cooked food, add cooked greens and non-green vegetables.

If you use the hyper farming techniques David Wolfe tells about to grow these foods, you have the best diet ever!
For David Wolfe’s video, watch below or go to:

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