Sunday, June 29, 2008

Gabriel Cousens M.D. in “Simply raw: reversing diabetes in 30 days”

The top 3 factors which contribute to diabetes are:
- Foods which convert to sugar. Twenty years after you introduce white sugar or white flour into a society, you get an outbreak of diabetes. Fructose is the worst. White flour contains oxalic acid which is a poison to the beta cells of the pancreas. Wheat can increase insulin resistance.
- Animal fats from (cooked) animal food like meat and dairy.
- Toxins, like herbicides, pesticides and heavy metals have their effects as well. Mercury poisons the beta cells of the pancreas and deactivates insulin. Fluorine causes insulin resistance. Cadmium affects the kidneys and causes insulin resistance. Lead causes insulin resistance. Arsenic causes hormonal disruptions which also causes insulin resistance.

Other factors which contribute to insulin resistance are smoking and caffeine. Each of them increases insulin resistance with 30%.

Through juice fasting Gabriel Cousens learned that you can turn on and off the diabetic switch. Once you have a normal blood sugar level through juice fasting on green juice and a live-food diet, you have to keep the blood sugar down for a longer time to give the organs a chance to cure. The diet that Gabriel Cousens recommend is organic, vegan, 80% live food.
Exercise and losing weight are also very important factors to cure type 2 diabetes.

Alzheimer is associated with diabetes. Curing the diabetes will also help to clear up the confused mental state that some diabetes patients are in. By curing diabetes you can also prevent and cure the terrible side effects of diabetes, like neuropathy and impotence.

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