Friday, June 6, 2008

Alkaline water with a low ORP - Watch this almond test!

Which water is the most pervasive, alkaline water with a low ORP, alkaline water with a high ORP or acid water with a high ORP?

Let me first explain pH and ORP.

pH comes from French, and means "per Hydrogen", which is a measure of the amount of Hydrogen in a liquid. Why is this so important? Hydrogen is our most essential nutrient. Hydrogen provides our life force! And pH equals amount of hydrogen in liquid, so it's a measure of available life force in a liquid.
We can measure pH using litmus paper or an electronic pH meter. It will give us a reading of from 0 to 14, with pH 7 being neutral; neither acid nor alkaline. A pH lower than seven is acid, a pH above 7 is alkaline.

ORP means the O = Oxidizing or R = reducing or donating Potential of a liquid.
Oxidizing means the ability to oxidize, to burn up, to rust, to take away energy from the body.
Reducing means the opposite: to give or donate. If a liquid has 'reducing potential' it has the ability to donate energy to the body.
The ORP meter actually measures the electrical charge of the water and if it reads above zero, it's oxidizing (acidic and an ionic 'robber'). If the voltage is negative it's reducing (alkaline and a giver)!

Our body functions best if we drink water with a high pH (much life force) and a low ORP (giving energy). This video illustrates this scientific information very well.

The alkaline water with a low ORP is by far the most pervasive when soaking almonds in it. If this is true for the almonds, it must be true for our body. Our body can take up the most water and the most energy from the water, if it is alkaline with a low ORP.

How do you get alkaline water with a low ORP?
There are special water systems available, to make this water in own your kitchen
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Anonymous said...

Actually, higher pH means less H+ ions (see

Also, the ORP means the potential to be oxidized or reduced, rather than to oxidize or reduce (

And since when are almonds a good model for the human body?

Nehmat Sandhu said...

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