Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Diabetes Cured with Raw Food Diet

Recently we came back from Israel, where dr. Gabriel Cousens did a pilot study about treating diabetes with raw food. The results were very promissing, as in the U.S. Treating diabetes with raw food sounds too simple to be true. But it turns out to be very effective. Gabriel Cousens does it for over 30 years now.
Since diabetes becomes a bigger and bigger epidemic nowadays, we want to share our experience with you. We want to educate patients and their family and friends on how to treat this terrible disease with raw food.
In Israel we spoke with 4 diabetes patients, some of them tried everything to cure their illness with no results. They decided to give raw food a try. And …. were surprised by the miracles that happened, blood sugar levels dropping to normal or close to normal within a few days, without any medicines, just by eating healthy raw food. made video’s of the raw food diet program for diabetes in Israel, that will soon be available.

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