Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Grains and Beans in the Raw Food Diet - Gabriel Cousens

Some people do very well, if they start with a 100% raw food diet right away. For others it may be better to start more slowly. A balance of 80% raw food and 20% other foods is ideal for those people. What should those 20% be, if not raw foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, seaweeds, wild edibles etc.

In this interview Annet van Dorsser (www.RawFood.nl) asks Gabriel Cousens what he thinks about adding grains and beans to a raw food diet. Watch this video on how to transition to a raw food diet in the most ideal way.


Raw V Wannabe said...

I've done well with both cooked grains and as well as with raw, dehydrated grain/meal. (Yes, grains can be eaten raw, albeit somewhat processed, e.g., flash freeze-drying.)

First, as for cooked grains, I've recently followed the advice of Dr. Gabe Mirkin (http://www.drmirkin.com) and his book, The Healthy Heart Miracle Diet, based on the "DASH" Diet. For me, cooked grains however just supplement predominate doses of greens and fruits in green smoothies and many other forms, and nuts/legumes/seeds, etc...

The raw meal/grain form that I've successfully used in the past happens to to be based on Chinese Medicine theory, that is discussed in the "B1 Chinese Medicine" topic on this Blog. It's called Seangshik, and is produced by a company named Oh Haeng from South Korea, as well as several other suppliers. It consists of different mixtures of grains, legumes, nuts, vegetables and even some fruit, based on different body type constitutions (e.g., as evident in facial shape) and the different tastes discussed in the B1 posting.

BTW, it was hard to make out all the conversation, and I couldn't discern the name of the raw foodist at about 6:55 who advocated 'fruit and nuts' (?).

Thanks again.

(Based on original posting of August 14, 2008 4:48 AM)

sita said...

It is about dr Johanna Budwig. You can find a lot about her famous Budwig porridge on the internet. ;-)

Raw V Wannabe said...

Thanks, Sita -

I'd heard of the porridge, but hadn't known the originator or theory until I searched as you suggested.

I'm glad to know there are (raw-ish) food combos for cancer as well as diabetes (and obviously obesity), etc..

Someday I'll try the porridge, a future challenge being to justify the purchase of a good "immersion blender". (I'm curious if the concoction might also help significantly to reduce injury-induced inflammation?)

Reb Cousens' book, Conscious Eating, is also on my list ...