Saturday, August 9, 2008

Gabriel Cousens on Renegade Health: Natural Cure for Diabetes

Gabriel Cousens and his team at the "Tree of Life" are able to cure over 90% of diabetes type 2 patients.
Watch this interesting video, in which Gabriel Cousens explains the causes of diabetes and its treatment.
His concept of the culture of life and the culture of death is a very interesting one.

Kevin Gianni's question on

What do you think about the culture of “death” that Gabriel talks about?

My answer:

Very often I’ve heard Gabriel speak about the culture of life and the culture of death.
This week my son and I did an experiment. After not eating any meat for years, we ate out and had some lamb. Yes I know, shocking for a raw food teacher ;-)
I wanted to feel the effect. And I can say: it was enormous.

Normally, on my raw food diet, I always feel very happy. Everything works out fine and I trust the universe for what is happening.
After the meat both me and my son felt off track. This was especially clear in our dreams. My son had all kind of dreams in which everything was out of control. In my dreams I was worrying all the time, which was useless and absolutely unnecessary. The next day we had some kind of a hangover.
After eating lots of greens, some superfoods and drinking lots of good quality water we felt better.

For me the whole experience was so clear: the lamb couldn’t control what was going on in its life and of course it was worrying. Probably it saw other lambs being slaughtered. I´ve even heard that lambs cry, when they are slaughtered. In this state, with lots of adrenalin in its body, it died. This energy is what we take on if we eat this meat. This experience of the culture of death was so clear to me. Negative emotions were coming out of the blue after eating the meat: the culture of death.

Now I understand even better why a vegan diet can cure depressions and other psychological problems.
On a vegan diet consisting of fresh plant food, I always feel happy and connected: the culture of life.

On my this blog you can find many more video’s about diabetes and part of our video interviews with Gabriel Cousens.

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